What causes tonsil stones? and what are they?

Tonsil stones or tonsilolith or tonsillitis. What are they really? What causes tonsil stones? How to cure them? Starting from today, I will write about tonsil stones in details. I plan to make a series of article out of tonsil stones because of how much I will need to talk about regarding this tonsil stones.

There are people we pass by everyday looking perfectly healthy while in fact we have no idea if they are indeed healthy or on the contrary, very sick. This happens in many mild to severe medical cases. To take one example, take a look at tonsil stones. We might think and be sure that the people suffering from tonsil stones are fine and that they look in a good shape. Get this: They are suffering very badly, they are tortured physically and psychologically as well. Especially those with quite severe tonsil stones.

In this first article, we will first figure out what tonsil stones are. For most people, tonsil stones or tonsilolith or tonsillitis is among the diseases that are extremely annoying. Why is that so? Now we all know that tonsil abnormalities including tonsil stones are not readily and clearly visible to others whereas to the sufferers, these abnormalities could make the sufferers spend their days in complete discomfort.

In general, people who have tonsil stones will show certain symptoms such as:

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1. Bad breath

2. White bumps near the tonsils

3. Occasional sore throat

4. Breathing difficulty

5. Swollen tonsils

6. Rare ear ache

Those are the things causing discomfort to people with tonsil stones even though I personally think that bad breath and sore throat would be the two most hated symptoms for the sufferers.

From the various sources that I have been compiling, tonsil stones or tonsilolith or tonsillitis is an abnormality symptom in the tonsil organs. What causes tonsil stones? Tonsil stones are usually caused by the accumulated substantial amount of bad bacteria caught by the tonsils. These bad bacteria could also grow from the tiny leftover foods piling up in your mouth sticking on your tonsils when you fail to clean your mouth thoroughly.

Tonsil stones usually look like white or yellowish-colored small bumps in your cavity. Tonsil stones are also formed by several elements such as phosphor, magnesium, ammonia, and karbonathal. The easiest way to decide whether or not we have tonsil stones is to perform a regular self-check of the condition and health of our mouth. Using the mirror, check our mouth cavity more thoroughly than we used to. Be more sensitive and aware pain occurring in our throat.

Tonsil stones or tonsilolith or tonsillitis, which also consist of the accumulated bacteria and food leftovers, could appear in the small gaps on the surface of the tonsils. The bacteria and food leftovers are the two elements that produce rotting smell in our mouth. This is caused by the inflammation in the throat caused by the accumulation of the bacteria. The number adult tonsil stones sufferers is higher than in children.

Severe tonsil stones sufferers could experience headache, extreme sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, even vomiting. These are usually because their tonsil stones are way too big than what their mouth and throat can contain. It is advisable for this kind of sufferers to go see and consult the doctors. However, there are indeed a variety of alternative methods in curing the tonsil stones more simply.

These alternative methods allow the sufferers to act on their mouth problems by themselves. Even so, it is highly compulsory that these sufferers choosing to treat their problems on their own research and learn about the disease and ways to contain it as much as they possibly could before they decide on doing anything to these annoying bumps. You would not want to get extra problems instead of fixing the existing problems at hand after your reckless little trial, would you?

Going to forums about tonsil stones where sufferers and ex-sufferers gather, discuss, and giving advices on the matter and actually engage in the activities would also be a smart move. Remember: better safe than sorry, better be over-prepared than finding yourself clueless when actually taking the action. Be a great person, share your knowledge on this matter to others and prevent others from getting the same annoying disease.

Watch the tonsil stones treatment video here..

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