How To Prevent Tonsil Stones?

How to prevent tonsil stones | Tonsil stones are hard and sometimes painful stones which form when harmful debris collects in the mouth and travels to the tonsil where it tends to lump together and, if this is ignored it hardens to the texture of a stone.The stones can be small or large and are irregularly shaped,with a whitish yellow color usually found at the back of the throat.They are caused by accumulation of bacteria that produce sulfur and food debris that becomes lodged in the tonsil, read more about tonsil stones HERE.

So, are you looking for preventing tonsil stones guides? here they are

The following are the symptoms of tonsil stones:

  1. Halitosis or bad breath formed by bacteria,mucus, and other undigested particles in the mouth
  2. Sore throat
  3. Difficulty when swallowing
  4. Coughing up of bad smelling lumps
  5. The tongue can become heavily coated
  6. Pain around the neck area
  7. Coughing sporadically
  8. Fatigue
  9. Earaches, and more.

The following are ways of preventing tonsil stones:

preventing tonsil stones
  1. Brushing-Brushing your teeth and tongue after every meal ensures that your breath is fresh and your mouth and tonsils are free from food particles.You can also swish water in your mouth after a meal and spit it out until no more food particles are seen before brushing.This also helps reduce the growth of bacteria which is responsible for the bad breath associated with the tonsil stones.It is important to also brush the cheeks and roof of the mouth
  2. Gargling-Gargling frequently using salt water or an alcohol free mouthwash will help keep the mouth bacteria free
  3. Flossing-Flossing the teeth daily will help remove the plaque that is deposited in and around the teeth which may later find it's way in the tonsils and form tonsil stones
  4. Wash your tonsils regularly-This can be done using an irrigator to ensure that no particles are lodged in them
  5. Use of tonsil sprays-Using tonsil sprays will help breakdown the particles and hinder the development of tonsil stones
  6. Maintain a good diet-Consume a diet that will increase your immune system to counter the effects of the intruding bacteria, for example consumption of probiotics which have good bacteria that keeps away the bad bacteria.Also consume nutritionally balanced meals with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables which help detoxifying your system and cut back on junk food which can give bacteria an acidic environment on which to multiply
  7. Chewing a sugar free gum-A sugar free gum increases the production of saliva which makes the mouth moist helping it deal with the causative agents of tonsil stones.
  8. Dinner-Avoid eating at least half an hour before bed so that food particles do not stay in your mouth leading to tonsil stones.
  9. Using a tongue scrapper-A tongue scrapper can be used which can remove accumulated bacteria from the far end of the tongue which your toothbrush may have missed
  10. Diary products-Limit your consumption of diary products like milk and cheese or remove it entirely as the diary products encourage the build up of mucous which is rich in tonsil stone causing components and calcium which both encourage the formation of tonsil stones
  11. Limit alcoholic beverages-Alcoholic beverages tend to dry up the mouth encouraging bad breath and conditions that can cause tonsil stone formation
  12. Foods-The following foods will help when consumed:celery chewing will increase the flow of saliva and this has the ability to destroy oral bacteria,onion is excellent for killing bacteria,cucumber is a natural disinfectant and green tea has antibacterial properties which kill bacteria in the mouth,a clove of garlic can be chewed since garlic is a natural antibiotic and avoid foods that stimulate bacterial growth like meats,coffee and sugary foods
  13. Medical attention-Seek immediate medical attention when suffering from tonsillitis or any other oral problems
  14. See a dentist-Have your regular dental check up which will impart proper oral hygiene
  15. Limit cigarettes-The cigarettes contain mouth drying properties and this increases the risk of the tonsil stones formation
  16. Avoid sharing-Avoid sharing utensils and toothbrushes as the bacteria can pass from one person to another
  17. Removal of the tonsils surgically-Because the tonsil stones are very common in people who have chronic tonsillitis,the surgical removal of the tonsils may help
  18. An increase in the consumption of water-Drinking plenty of water ensures the throat is hydrated and prevents the formation of the stones,it also aids in flushing out trapped food particles, avoid sodas and sugared drinks that will promote tonsil stone growth and if the sugared drinks are consumed then water should be drunk immediately after

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