Are Tonsil Stones Contagious?

Are tonsil stones contagious? For people suffering from tonsil stones, the question of whether or not they could transmit this ailment to their partners via kissing, sharing cutlery (spoon, forks, knives), airborne and so on, has always been a prevalent one. It’s a valid question, seeing that the average sufferer claims that the ailment is contagious.

Tonsil Stones Aren't contagious, Bacteria are.

are tonsil stones contagious

What’s probably contagious are germs and bacteria. If someone who has tonsil stones osculates (kiss) with another person, the ones being transmitted are probably germs or bacteria and not the actual tonsil stones. This needs to be addressed because there are some people who believe they can contract tonsil stones via osculation.

Almost identical to the key points described in the following – how to prevent tonsil stonesif your oral hygiene is good, the chances of developing tonsil stones are quite low.

There’s actually lots of very simple ways to keep us free form tonsil stones. For example, if you’re done kissing with someone who has tonsil stones, you can rinse your mouth with mouthwash or other cleansing liquids. You may not get tonsil stones by kissing, but germs and bacteria are a different matter. It always pays to take care.

There’s an interesting and insightful article from Dr. Russell A. Faust on the following link:

"- Tonsil "stones" are comprised of dead mucosal cells from the lining of the oral cavity, from microscopic food particles, and from bacteria......."

tonsil stones made by particles of food

As aforementioned above, there is no mention of tonsil stones being contagious. Basically, what tonsil stones consist of are the accumulated dead cells in the throat and mouth, food particles and also debris. Meaning that maintaining a high level of oral hygiene is a must in order to avoid getting tonsil stones.

Bottom line: if you ask me whether or not tonsil stones are contagious, based on my personal opinion I would answer, “Not 100 %.” You may get bacterial infection but not tonsil stones.


So if you’re practicing healthy living, no need to concern yourself too much with tonsil stones’ infection when kissing or sharing cutlery with other people. Chances are, your immune system will be able to ward off any harmful bacteria or germs from developing into a serious infection later down the road.


If you have tonsil stones, read more about them here : what are tonsil stones?

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