7 Methods on How to Remove Tonsil Stones


Tonsil stones are also known as tonsilloliths and comprise of small off-white deposits that form in the craters of tonsils which are glands in the mouth that serve the purpose of preventing fungi and bacteria from passing through. Below is the expositions on how to remove tonsil stones with 7 methods.

How to remove tonsil stones? try some of the tips below

antibiotics for remove tonsil stones

1. Use of antibiotics

It is imperative to note from the onset that in choosing the appropriate treatment for a tonsil stone, the same will largely depend on the size of the tonsillolith as well as the potential harm and discomfort caused by it. In the event of the persistence of severe tonsil stones, antibiotic treatment can be resorted to so as to remove the tonsil stones. Some of the antibiotics that might be employed include penicillin and anthromycin although these might not be the most effective way to deal with the underlying causes of tonsil stones namely, food lodged in the tonsil craters.

2. Surgical removal

Surgery is one of the methods on how to remove tonsil stones and involves a medical procedure known as tonsillectomy which is not only effective but simple as well since it involves the removal of tonsils and as such, in the absence of tonsils no tonsil stones can be formed.

removing tonsil stones with munching vegetables

3. Munching vegetables

Raw crunchy vegetables such as celery, cucumbers and carrots help dislodge tonsil stones and send them to the digestive system whereupon they are eventually flushed out of the system. This is because such vegetables have strands of fiber that are tough and act like brushes that brush off the stones from within the craters on the tonsils.

4. Dissolving them using vinegar

Dissolving is also another method on how to remove tonsil stones because the building blocks of such stones are mainly calcium thus they can be easily dissolved by gargling vinegar. The mixture to be gargled should comprise of a tablespoon of vinegar and a quarter cup of warm water to be gargle once a day. This method of removing tonsil stones also ensures that they do not form at a later date.

removing tonsil stones with bobby-pin

5. Use of a Bobby-Pin

Removing tonsil stones by using a bobby-pin is one of the simplest methods by which the stones can be removed by an individual. In order to do this however one will require a new bobby-pin or a sterilized one, a flashlight, a mirror, a paper towel and water. The process of removing the tonsil stones commences by shining the light from the flashlight into the mouth with is wide open. This should be done in front of a mirror so as to enable easy location of the tonsil stones. The throat should then be closed off by flexing the throat muscles and sticking out the tongue and holding the breath. This will ensure that the tonsil stones are pushed forward for a better view. The booby-pin is then used to gently scoop out any tonsil stones that are visible which should then be placed on the paper towel. The process should be repeated for as long as is necessary until all the stones have been removed.

6. Using an oral irrigator

An oral irrigator such as a water pick can be used to remove tonsil stones although care should be taken in order to ensure that the tonsil is not ruptured or punctured as this could result in an infection.

7. Gargling after meals

Since left over particles of food are the what causes tonsil stones, gargling with mouthwash after meals is prudent as not only will it improve the health of your gums and teeth but it will also help to dislodge bits of food before any bacteria acts on them to form tonsil stones. Other than mouthwash, a mixture of warm water and salt can also be used to achieve the same result.


Having known how to remove tonsils stones by employing either of the means elucidated on above, it is of great importance to note that embarking on the removal of tonsil stones might not be an easy thing to do and should not be undertaken in a manner likely to result in severe damage to the throat. In the event of any uncertainties as to how to go about removing the tonsil stones or if any damage results a physician should be contacted immediately.

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