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lime for tonsil stones home remedy

How to self-treat tonsil stones at home without having to go to the hospital? There are several easy and cheap ways you can do to self-treat your tonsil stones. You only need to prepare some stuffs that you already have around your house and you can start treating the stones that have been annoying you all this time. For your information, this article is a continuation from the article “Removing Tonsil Stones” here and here. So here are steps you do to treat those stones by yourself:

Follow these 10 tonsil stones home remedy

  1. Squeeze three limes, keep the juice. Add and mix well a little whiting into the lime juice. Drink the juice mix three times daily. After three days’ time, check your tonsils to see that your swelling tonsils are healed.
  2. Chew one shallot until smooth, then shallow. You need to do this three times daily for a month.
  3. Mix fifteen mangosteen peel with two teaspoon peppermint oil, add two glasses of water, and bring to boil. Let it cool down. Add a little peppermint oil into it, mix well. Gargle the solution. Do it regularly three times daily. Note: this solution is for GARGLING ONLY. Do not swallow.
  4. Get some lime epiphyte leaves, add a moderate amount of fennel pulawaras, grind them together until you get a fine blend. Pour hot water to the blend, filter the water, and drink. This herbs drink will work magic if you take it regularly.
  5. Take two ripe noni fruits, squeeze and put the juice into a glass. Add a little warm water and bees honey into the juice, mix well. Gargle and then drink the mixture. Do this three times daily.
  6. Gargling using warm salt water solution
  7. Gargling using turmeric-pepper solution
  8. Mouth cleaning using water pick
  9. Tongue cleaning as often as possible
  10. Brushing your teeth
salt for tonsil stones home remedy

Actually, to treat tonsil stones we need a guide, we can get it from the doctor, from the information of friends, from many books, etc., but whatever you do, you should have thought of it first, do the treatment at home if you really really do not have time for medicine, or you feel lazy to visit the hospital. Hope in mind that there are a few tips on this site comes from many sources, so I hope it may be useful for all of you. Read our 10 tonsil stones home remedy instructions, do it carefully, and do it regularly until the tonsil stone disappears, need more amazing tips? visit our home page, good luck.

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